Val Verde Winery

Welcome to the oldest continuously running winery in Texas. Here at Val Verde Winery, we believe in family, tradition, and quality. Each of our award-winning wines is carefully hand-made in small quantities, using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. We invite you to visit us at the winery, and enjoy a complimentary tour and tasting. Take your favorite wines home and allow us to bring our traditions and quality to your celebrations for years to come!

Four generations of Qualia winemakers

Val Verde Winery was established in 1883 by Italian immigrant Frank Qualia, who brought with him the family tradition of winemaking. When he arrived in Del Rio, he found Lenoir grapes flourishing under the warm Southwest Texas sun, and founded the winery. After his death in 1936, his youngest son, Louis Qualia, took over the vineyards, who in turn passed the winery to his youngest son, Thomas, in 1973.

Today, the winery is operated by third-generation vintner Thomas Qualia, with the knowledge and experience that has been handed down for generations. Qualia respects the efforts and expertise that preceded him, and is dedicated to producing wines of excellent variety and quality. Many of his wines have gained the attention of serious wine connoisseurs, particularly his Don Luis Tawny Port, which has won medals from Texas to New York.

In 2008, Val Verde Winery completed its 125th year of continuous winemaking. It is the oldest bonded winery in the state of Texas, and was awarded the Land Heritage Award from the Department of Agriculture for single-family-ownership of the vineyards for over 100 years. Because of longevity and family pride, the Val Verde Winery is a landmark and an innovator in the growing Texas wine industry. Its survival is an inspiration to its future and the future of the industry in Texas.

Our Wines

Made right here in Texas.

2016 Blanc du Bois

Growing in popularity due to its hardy constitution and easy going flavor, this estate grown, American varietal is light and fresh with notes of honeysuckle, apple and melon. It has a smooth, slightly tart body with a sharper, dry finish.

Sierra Madre Dry White ¥

This flavorful blend includes Herbemont, Blanc du Bois, and Muscat grapes. These three un-oaked wines provide fruity aromatics and flavors of white peach, apple, and apricot with hints of honey. It has a sharp but warm finish that begs to be paired with fresh seafood, pasta or soft cheese.

2017 Rosé

A blend of Ruby Cabernet and Muscat Canelli, this salmon-pink floral wine is reminiscent of sweet rosewater.  It is said to be as sweet as honey with a refreshing clean lemongrass finish.  Our Rosé would be a wonderful compliment to fresh fruit, sharp cheeses and buttery crackers.

2017 Muscat Canelli ¥

True to its character, this wine provides an elegant perfume of roses, lemon, and honey.  It has notes of ripe pineapple, peach and sweet candied grapefruit with a long, full finish. This sweet white would be an elegant partner for fruit and sharp cheeses, as a replacement for dessert or balanced by something salty or spicy.

Sweet Red

A young wine brought back from the early 1900’s, this wine is a fruity blend with hints of strawberries and cherries.  Although this wine is sweet, it serves as an excellent table wine and is very versatile. It will pair nicely with any southern, home cooked meal.

Made with grapes from High Cross Vineyards

¥ Made with grapes from Young Family Vineyards  

 Made with grapes from Mesa Vineyards

2016 Sangiovese †

Typical ruby red in hue, the floral bouquet includes aromas of strawberry, plum, violets, and iris. The flavor is dry, reminiscent of leather or tobacco with a surprisingly smooth finish.  This lighter red wine pairs well with Italian food, such as pasta with a red sauce.

2016 Tempranillo †

This is a medium-bodied Tempranillo with a lovely ruby color and fruity notes such as black cherries and plum on the nose. The soft tannins and savory, smooth finish make for a very versatile wine. It can be paired will all kinds of foods to include cured meats with aged cheese and roasted vegetables.

2016 Merlot

Merlot, meaning “Little Black Bird” in French, reigns as one of the most popular wines in the world. Soft tannins create a plush mouth feel that’s filled with fruit from start to finish. Earthy flavors, as well as red berries and plum, meld beautifully in this smooth dry red.

2016 Sierra Madre

The combination of Merlot, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah lends itself to be the perfect blend of Tres Vinos.  This medium-bodied, smooth, dry red wine has a rich flavor of smoky oak with dark cherries and cranberries.

2016 Zinfandel

This fruity, bold-tasting dry red wine is full of tartness, with flavors resembling red fruits including cranberry, pomegranate, and cherry. Tobacco aromatics fill the nose to add hints of earthiness. This wine will pair well with spicy barbeque and curry dishes.

Shaman Tawny Port (375mL)

This fruity, lighter port is younger than our Don Luis, allowing the cherry notes from the Lenoir grape to shine. It retains its classic fortified wine character with caramel notes and makes an excellent pairing choice for chocolate.

Blend #15 Don Luis Tawny Port

A unique blend of Lenoir, this special port has a buttery, nutty caramel flavor with hints of chocolate at the edges.  Also ideal after a nice meal, the Tawny Port is complemented by dark chocolate or cigar smoking.

1883 Wine Club

Membership Entitles You to:

  • Receive 2 Three Bottle Orders of wine, chosen by our wine makers, each fall and spring.Average cost per shipment will be approximately $45.00 plus shipping, handling and taxes. The wine can be shipped to you or available for pickup at the winery. A handling fee is applied to all orders.

  • Convenient Automatic Shipments and Billing.The credit card you write on your application will be automatically billed and you will receive a receipt in your shipment.

  • Free Wine Tasting for primary cardholder and one guest per membership. A second name may accompany the primary cardholder’s membership.(Maximum of two tastings per visit)

  • All discounts will begin after your application has been approved processed. (May take up to 10 business days.)Membership privileges only apply to the members listed on the application.

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Ordering & Shipping

We know that not everyone has the chance to visit Del Rio every time they run out of wine. To aid in alleviating the stress of this situation:

  • We ship in cases of 3, 6, or 12 bottles.

  • Sadly, we are only able to ship within the state of Texas at this time.

  • Shipments are sent via FedEx Ground and all orders are processed on Mondays.

  • The package must be signed by someone 21 years of age or older and must show proper identification.

  • To place an order call us at (830) 775-9714 or email us at


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